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Trudy (Danica McKellar) got a lady Ted really visited with on bar as he was still busy fawning

Trudy (Danica McKellar) got a lady Ted really visited with on bar as he was still busy fawning

They did meet up again decades later whenever she and an old sorority brother of hers going combat over him

7.College Woman aˆ“ Cindy

Cindy (Rachel Bilson) ended up being a former pupil of Tedaˆ™s who the guy begun dating for a little bit. To be honest, aside from the reality that he had beennaˆ™t permitted to date a student, the guy became transfixed on her behalf roommate, just who he hadnaˆ™t also fulfilled.

Looks like, the roomie had been the caretaker and Cindy would be the one who eventually introduced them with each other.

6.His Fancy Female aˆ“ Janet McIntyre

Janet McIntyre (emerald Stevens) only lasted an individual day, but she was actually really among the best girls Ted dated. Both got arranged not to ever look-up any information about another before their own day, some thing Ted and his awesome company smashed right-away.

Turns out she got WAY better than him and then he know they. Thus he discover an approach to ruin the meal.

5.Runaway Bride aˆ“ Stella Zinman

Despite the fact that we know Stella (Sarah Chalke) ditched Ted at the altar so that you can go wed their ex, she was still one of is own finest relationships.

She is a doctor the guy found as he went to run have actually his spine butterfly design removed and ended up being right away smitten with her. She would additionally be the one who leads him with the motheraˆ¦ fundamentally.

4.An Arc Nemesis aˆ“ Zoey Pierson

Whenever they very first fulfilled, not simply ended up being Zoey (Jennifer Morrison) an activist who was attempting to spoil Tedaˆ™s tasks, but she has also been married to a rich man.

Despite their unique distinctions, they finished up together after she separated, nevertheless they actually couldnaˆ™t see through their very own dreams, which tore all of them apart in conclusion.

3.The One aˆ“ Robin Scherbatsky

Everybody knows that Robin ended up being constantly the absolute love of Tedaˆ™s existence, even though she shouldnaˆ™t are. They dated on and off through the program before she married Barneyaˆ¦

Nonetheless it was created clear in the series finale that Ted never ever have over Robin and decided to go to the woman apartment to inform her therefore after his toddlers convinced him to.

2.Cupcake Sweet aˆ“ Victoria

Victoria (Ashley Wiliams) had been the lover baker whom Ted came across at a wedding. They ended up matchmaking for some time before Victoria transferred to Germany on a dessert scholarship.

They experimented with cross country but concluded splitting up fabswingers app considering Robinaˆ¦ which taken place decades later on once they began internet dating AGAIN after she remaining her fiance within altar for him.

1.The Mother aˆ“ Tracy McConnell

The caretaker, titled Tracy McConnell (Cristin Milioti) was Tedaˆ™s very best relationship. She had not been only excellent for your, but she was actually necessary for their relationship circle.

Also worst she just lasted a month before they offed this lady during the finale (Noooooo!). Nevertheless, she was still the most popular.

11.The Wild Kid aˆ“ Amy

After Tedaˆ™s break-up with Robin, Barney grabbed your out and he ended up fulfilling Amy, a lady with a aˆ?bad girlaˆ? graphics.

The actual fact that little truly taken place within two, Amy takes on a big element of Tedaˆ™s lifestyle because she is the one who convinced him to obtain a tattoo, which was the butterfly tattoo that put him to Stella.

10.The One Who Had Gotten Away aˆ“ Maggie Wilks

Maggie Wilks (JoAnna Garcia) had been the woman Ted regarded aˆ?the finest girl next-door.aˆ? Though they never ever met up because she constantly got a boyfriend.

Whenever Ted discover his window, the guy tried anything he could for maintaining her unmarried for enough time to-fall for him, however it performednaˆ™t services and she were left with the ultimate aˆ?boy next dooraˆ? instead.

9.Barneyaˆ™s Competition aˆ“ Stacey Gusar

Stacey (Janet Varney) is just a new lady caught in a game title between two people. Ted began internet dating her, but Barney finished up obtaining your to think he have dated the lady first.

They got to your and he dumped this lady, that will be whenever Barney uncovered it absolutely was a rest. Leave it to Barneyaˆ“sigh.

8.What Towards Pineapple? aˆ“ Trudy

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